Thursday 24 May 2007

Murdered Dress

Ria asked me months ago what part of her wedding do I want. I answered without a moment's hesitation, "bridesmaid", he he he. Then she said she didn't plan having bridesmaids because she thought it's corny. So I tried to convince her, saying that it'll be a dream come true for me since I have never been a bridesmaid and I may never have a chance since I'm not getting any younger. Thank God she agreed, and also added 2 of her BFFs as bridesmaids. So there are 3 of us playing the corny part :D

Ria provided for the entourage's gowns. She personally handpicked the fabric, and I was impressed because her choices were lovely. I didn't know she had a knack for that. We (Ria, Jaja and I) went to the same dressmaker, Aling Fe, whose shop is at Liwayway St. J.P. Rizal (ayan memorize ko na address nya). Sue was the one who recommended Aling Fe because she also had a gown made there last year and it turned out really well.

Last Sunday, Jaja and I went to Aling Fe's to claim our gowns. Ria texted me the previous night that she already saw my gown and it seemed sexy. So before I went there I already fantasized on how my gown should look - lovely, sexy, sweet. Then, I saw the gown hanging on the wall. I inwardly shook my head and tried to console myself that maybe the gown would magically transform when worn. I tried on my gown, looked at the mirror and grrr... I looked hideous.

The size was off. The design was off. Everything about it was off. It's too large for me - because the underarm sides were flapping, I felt like a character in Startrek. The bust cups' padding were bit pointed - wow, para akong si Madonna (gusto ko kumanta ng a ma-material, a ma-material girl!). It's also too high-waist... imagine I can feel my pusod BELOW the satin belt! And the skirt looked too balloony because the chiffon there was too shirred, making it look like there's a petticoat underneath. I felt like a duck, pero pink duck naman kasi pink yung dress... Pink duck with big pointed boobs HAHAHA :p

To make matters worst, I compared my gown with Jaja's - hers is beautifully done - she looked so sexy with it, perfect. Ouch! Naman o, wala akong karamay sa kamalasan ko...

They probably lost my design and my measurements, or another dressmaker made it since Aling Fe had a stroke 2 weeks ago. Ria demanded to have it not just altered but overhauled. Sheesh it costed her another bucks to buy additional cloth for my dress. We're going to check on it on Friday. Fingers crossed, I hope they'll get it right this time. Or else I don't have a choice but to look for an RTW.

But still, I'm excited to be a bridesmaid :)


Lorie said...


Musta na? May tanong ako. Mag travel ako (alone) cebu-bohol-siquijor-negros. Coming from cebu, sa tingin mo doable ba lalo na at balak kong gawin ito sa last week ng june? Hehehe. Thanks!

lgeorgia said...

Hi Lors!

Yep doable sya :) From cebu, sakay ka ng fastcraft (Weesum, Supercat or OceanJet) for Bohol. May trips yata as early as 9am. Then from Bohol, pwede ka rin mag Siquijor na fastcraft for Siquijor.

Tingnan mo to for schedules:

For sure there's also a ferry from
Siquijor to Negros since magkalapit lang yan sila :)

Enjoy! Pakita mo sa amin yung pics mo ha...