Monday 12 February 2007


Ever wondered why it seems that you have to meet some people in your lifetime (whose names would appear numerous times in your life's journal), while there are just those that you're not meant to get to know better although you really would want to (remember your first crush in high school or your favorite star that you’re dying to catch a glimpse of). Ever wondered why you find yourself working/living/migrating at a faraway land when five years ago you had never imagined of setting foot on it. Ever wondered why some things just don’t happen to you, the “big break” you want has remained elusive, but other opportunities unexpectedly knock on your door. Ever wondered why you’re born the way you are – na maganda lang, di mayaman (like me! LOL :p) or mayaman pero di maganda (buti na lang afford mo si Belo or Calayan) or sobrang swerte ka na maganda na, super yaman pa na ang kelangan mo lang na effort ay maging mabait (hmph!). Oh well, there's a reason for everything. There's no such thing as accidents, coincidences or mere strokes of fate. Everything that happens in our life is His doing, no matter how trivial it may seem.

You get to know only certain people because they’re meant to play a major role in your life or you have a supporting/contrabida role in theirs. You only get the breaks thrown at your way because you’re one of the right persons who can handle them and that big break you’re waiting for is simply not meant for you. You’re at a certain place, at a certain time because you have a purpose to fulfill there.

Ria and I are joining a PDL (Purpose Driven Life) discussion group every Wednesday at King's court. Not because we wanted to catch a Maging Sino Ka Man shooting (FYI King's court is actually the Madrigal building…), although I really hope I'll see John Lloyd again or Anne Curtis in person, it's because we want to embark in a journey about finding life's purpose through the infamous book of Rick Warren. Don't we all ask that question what on Earth am I here for? It's a wonderful group of Makati (or those who work in/near Makati) young professionals. They've had these discussion groups for years and we are the nth group. Those who already graduated (yes, there's a "graduation" after a group finishes the book) from previous years still meet at King's court to bond and worship God. It's a place regardless of religion - by this I mean, it doesn't matter if you're Catholic, Baptist, Jehovah's Witness, as long as you're a Christian because it's about building a closer relationship with God.

I still can’t figure out what is exactly my purpose in life should be, though, I do have an idea. After the PDL sessions, I’ll get back to you. I hope by then I can give you more sensible, more philosophical opinions :p Actually I’m experiencing midlife crisis, aw quarter-life pala kasi I’m too young for that, about what I really want in my career. Gusto ko ba talaga magIT? Or maging Financial Analyst (hehehehe)? Or maging housewife forever na maghihintay lang ng allowance for my regular spa/salon visits (uyyy pinagpapawisan na naman si Pangga, hahahaha!)? I hope by the end of this year I’ll know what I really want so that I get to wake up each day with a passion and experience euphoria everytime I fix a bug (OA!). But whatever it is, I must remember I am here for a reason. As Einstein said, God doesn’t play dice – I couldn’t agree more. I just hope I’ll bloom wherever He plants me.

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