Tuesday 27 February 2007

New Home

I have transferred to my new place at Cityland 8. I still have the big stuffs (bed and an Orocan drawer) left at Asian Mansion, but I already have the basic things with me - my PC, clothes, toiletries (for my beauty rituals) and a full-body mirror (bought at SM for just 499) - I have all the essentials to survive in my new home, hehehe. Even if my boy wasn't here to help me, I have another "boy" - si Jaspher (boy as in katulong, hahahahaha!). Truly, ang bait na bata ni Jaspher, he never hesitated to carry our things and he admirably installed my pink Venetian blinds. Nevermind that the blinds are a bit lopsided, I truly appreciate the effort. And there were also Rose and Ria who helped me assemble my computer table - we did it all without a guy's help, yey! :)

Though I now live alone, I don't feel alone because within the vicinity my friends also reside - Ria's and Jaspher's units are at Makati Executive Tower while Rose and Stella's is same floor with mine at Cityland 8. It's like the Friends setup, cool :) I have my friends to run to if ever I need something like kung gusto ko makinood ng Maging Sino Ka Man, e di punta lang ako kina Rose, hehehe.

I already feel at home in my new place. The first night I slept there, I didn't feel something eerie. When I woke up in the middle of the night, there's no child sitting at the room's corner and staring at me with all black eyes (shocks I shouldn't entertain this thought, tinatakot ko lang sarili ko e, grrr!) Ah basta, it feels comfy and warm - though a bit oldie, it's good enough for me. They say that the area (Gil Puyat Ave.) gets flooded during the rainy season, we don't have to worry because Jaspher has recently bought an airbed - we'll just use it and float away to our respective offices hahaha!

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