Friday 5 September 2014

Once a Year Party Planner Stint

At least once a year I have a stint to be a party planner.  That is to prepare for my son's birthday party. Talk about the wonderful role of being a mom. I prayed for a child, ecstatic when I got one but soon after I realized I also opened a can of worms with the many responsibilities that are included. Oh I'm not complaining. On the contrary I am happy because I can no longer accuse that my life is boring - and of course the rewards are enormous. My son's hugs and kisses are enough to wipe any complaint, aches and pains away.

Now is that time of the year. My son, bless him, is turning 2 in Sunday. So for the past few days I am running here and there preparing for it.

I know he will not appreciate it now. He is still 2 for heaven's sake. But I love doing this for him; This service is my act of love.

It will not be perfect I am sure. Party planning is not my expertise.  But I will keep on trying every year until he says stop, he's had enough.

This year's theme is a Minion party. Why? Because he loves the Happy song, he plays the Minion Rush game and most of all he talks like a Minion - my goodness I still can't understand him.

My fingers are crossed that all goes well this Sunday...

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