Sunday 20 April 2014

My Travel Planning Tools

My thoughts are occupied with our upcoming vacation end of next month. I am the travel/vacation planner in the family. It is something I enjoy doing and my husband tells me I am very good at it. Hmmm perhaps he is just relieved to offload this duty to me.

But truly I think I am actually good at it. Thus I would like to share the tools I use whenever I have to plan our vacation.

For Hotels
I use; I have booked hotels using this site countless of times and so far it has not disappoint me. From good deals of hotels in Europe to accurate, real reviews of hotels in the Philippines, this site has never failed me. The customer service is also superb. They have always been responsive and efficient in dealing with my requests.

When I was in UK I found a lot of great deals on hotels from

For Flights
I use; I just love its simple interface. A Polish colleague recommended this to me six years ago and I have been using it eversince to compare prices of different airlines.

For Events
I use; For concerts, theaters and sports events outside Philippines - one will find everything there.

For Other Deals
Recently I have discovered MetroDeal for deals in the Philippines. I am planning to buy some vouchers for our use next month - will update you of my experience.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
― Augustine of Hippo

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