Tuesday 16 September 2014

A Minion Themed Party for Royce

The Minions (from Despicable Me) themed party for our son's 2nd birthday turned out amazingly well - thank God! For practicality we decided to hold it in McDonald's Sharq and we availed some add ons, a magic show and face painting, to make it more interesting.

Having the party at McDonald's Sharq turned out to be a brilliant decision because the venue was more than big enough for our number of guests (I think the Sharq Coop branch is the biggest McDonald's party place here in Kuwait). The kids had a lot of space to run around without distracting the adults. The party crew/staff were very skilled in handling the actual party itself. We got to enjoy the party without worrying about the programme flow and we had ample time to mingle with the guests. But the most wonderful thing of it all was the after party - the staff cleaned up all our mess. They even organized by putting the gifts into bags so we could easily take them home.

As for the decorations, aside from the balloons they provided (I specifically requested only yellow, blue and violet colors), we only had to add few touches, which are mostly DIY decorations to go with the Minion theme. We had to pay more for the Minion cake though, which we personally arranged with Cake & Bake, their cake supplier.

Thank God for Pinterest and Kinko's
Because I did not think I was creative enough, Pinterest literally saved me. This brilliant app showed me lots and lots of pictures and ideas for a Minion or Despicable Me party. If you don't have it yet, do download Pinterest from the App Store or Play Store.

Our go to shop here in Kuwait to have DIY stickers or labels printed out is Fedex Kinko's. Thankfully it is open 24/7. And it is very cost efficient as their A3 size sticker only costs less than 1 KD.

Here are some snaps from the party. I am very proud we pulled it off!

* The little jars giveaways are filled with jellybeans and smarties.


Kim said...

Hi George! Just saw your blog on my fb feed. Nice! How are you? I hope you are doing well. :) I hope you still remember me. ;)

lgeorgia said...

Hi Kim Pe! Of course I remember you and our RCG days! Okay naman ako here in the land of the camels. How are you na? Where are you based exactly?

Kim said...

halu George! :) dito ako sa land of the sheep. haha. NZ since last year. nice to see you have a blog, looking forward to your updates. hehe. ;) tc always and hi to Royce.