Wednesday 13 June 2012

I heart BabyCenter

Since I knew that I was pregnant my most-visited website has become Thanks to a gorgeous friend who recommended it right away.

BabyCenter provides a wealth of information not only for expectant mothers but also for those trying to conceive and early childhood care for parents and parents-to-be. Users of the website have numerous tools at their disposal (i.e. baby names finder, pregnancy calendar and pregnancy weight tracker). Users can also signup for weekly email alerts of their baby's or child's development.

I love, love, love (!) the fetal development videos. I get a kick everytime I watch a video because it gives me a reliable idea how my baby is developing or will develop inside of me.

I also enjoy reading the forums and feel this bond to faceless expectant mothers who have shared whatever concerns they have.

Honestly, this website has helped me a lot in guiding me through pregnancy. I highly recommend it!

Click to go to BabyCenter site

And oh by the way, it is free of charge :)

1 comment:

aneshka said...

Try this also

lingaw ra ko basa sa comments sa members na same week sa ako (sa una).

Until karon cge gihapon send ang baby center nako for Caleb hehe.