Thursday 5 May 2011

Can't Wait for July

July is going to be great, amazing, fantastic, brilliant!

Why? Well it's not only because my handsome hubby and my beautiful BFF are going to celebrate their birthdays in July, and not only because we are going home to Cebu and La Union in July, BUT also because of this...

Our flights are booked, the hotels are reserved and most importantly our visas are approved, weeee! It's still fresh from the oven - just claimed them not more than 6 hours ago :D

We can't contain our excitement. We haven't travelled outside lovely Kuwait for almost a year now so we're making it more sulit (don't know this in English, sorry). I am all agog thinking of a list of must dos in the two countries we're planning to visit and which places/tourist spots we should never miss out.

To my gorgeous BFFs, to the donyatiks-geisha and the ex-Jersey girl, yalla! (Come on!). Let's do it.


aneshka said...

ggrrr! I'm so jelly!!!!

lgeorgia said...

uban lagi! bday gep nimo imo self :)