Friday 29 April 2011

Glued to the Royal Wedding

I am currently glued to BBC for 3 hours now watching the most anticipated royal wedding. The whole world is tuned in for sure. It's not every year a British monarch (a very paparrazied one since birth at that) gets married. And to stroke every girl's fancy, he married a commoner - in contrast to most consorts-in-waiting for over 350 years.

HRH Kate Middleton is gorgeous in her gown. I love her choice! Her simple yet very elegant McQueen gown is perfect for her slim and tall frame. I love that she didn't choose a big, bulky, garrish gown. And the dainty tiara, loaned by the Queen herself, brilliantly complements her wedding dress.

Kate Middleton wedding dress
Kate Middleton wedding dress
Royal wedding - Kate and William

Growing up I fantasized, once or perhaps twice, about marrying Prince William. He was such a handsome boy. Like most girls who watched the funeral of the late Lady Diana, I wanted to hold him close and just hug him hoping to ease the pain of losing his mum at such a young age. But watching the wedding now I am not feeling a sense of loss (char!). Just happy that it's his choice, marrying his girlfriend of many years, that he has married for love that most monarchs have no luxury to do.

I think most girls all over the world feel the same way... genuinely in deep sense of celebration for the new royal couple and wishing them all the best. Besides it's not really a loss as there is still the more handsome unmarried Prince Harry to fantasize about :)

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