Sunday 17 January 2010

Married at Last!

Yes I am finally a missus :)

And not only did our December 28, 2009 wedding went by without any glitch, it was everything I had hoped it would be. From the church ceremony to the reception, everything was magical.

They say that to a bride's point of view her wedding day is usually one big blur as so many things happening seemingly all at once. But mine was not one big blur. Not at all. Believe me, I remember every minute, every second of it. I was able to soak it all up. A gorgeous friend of mine even commented that I must be the most relaxed bride she has ever seen. True. Not because I am good at suppressing my nerves but because from the moment I woke up that day I was already confident everything would fall into place. Our big day would be perfect. We were in good hands. We had an excellent wedding planner (Ms. Cielo Villegas of Blushing Bride). And true enough, she delivered... more than 100% even! I enjoyed our big day so much that I was sad it had to end.

Here's our onsite video, which shows the highlights of the wedding ceremony. This video was shown during the reception. This is a masterpiece by Jason Magbanua's Team B. We are very happy of this and even if it's already more 20 days since our wedding, I still can't stop watching this again and again :)


aneshka said...

may chika ko sa imo isa ka supplier wa tani ko plano isulti but since mag supplier rating ka man ....

Anonymous said...

Sis, best wishes. I'm glad you had your beautiful dream wedding. God bless.