Monday 2 November 2009

This Is It! Our Wedding Invitation

Finally we have started sending our invitations. First to our overseas guests so they will have ample time to decide if they will attend or not, and then prepare should they give their word to be there. We fervently hope, fingers cross, that all our invited guests will grace us with their presence.

The exact moment I handed the first set of invites to a Royal Mail staff for posting I felt a rush of excitement, a spine-tingling emotion (no kidding) washed over me. It was a this-is-it moment, making this long awaited event of my life more real than ever. Blimey - we are truly getting married!

I am very proud to share with you our wedding invitation. Kudos to Adworks for the job well done! The execution is really top notch. We are very happy. Thank you!

We also would like to thank our wedding planner Cielo, not only for helping us come up with creative ideas for the invite but also for patiently and effectively liaising with Adworks.

And of course, we would like to thank Mall for sharing her amazing gift with us. Her taking the time off from the increasing demands for her art to work on our illustrations makes our invitation all the more meaningful to us.

Our wedding invitation by Adworks.
We wanted it cost effective so we opted for digital wax seal and digitally printed lace instead of the real thing.

The purple velvet band is the only non-digital material. It was actually a last minute addition. It wasn't at all part of our specs. What happened was when the owner, Che, first saw the finished product, she was not satisfied and decided that it was kulang. She asked her staff to look for some purple velvet ribbon and told them to add it on top of the digitally printed lace. We are so delighted that she took the initiative to improve it because it certainly makes our invitation pop out, livelier, more beautiful. And the best part is, she didn't demand that we pay them extra for the velvet ribbon and the labour to put it on. It's free! Trust Adworks to always deliver 100% quality output, never half baked!

Don't you agree it's more beautiful on the inside? :)

Among the first recipients, baby Derek! este Derek's parents pala.

What a lovely smile... baby Derek seems to like our invitation! (^-^)/


SwitSexyThing said...

so pretty! excited to feature this! worth it! thanks again sis for allowing me to. :)

rochie said...

Hi fellow cebuana W@Wie!

I love your invites. Ang ganda ganda nya. And I love that your supplier went the extra mile pa to make sure the invitations were up to her standards. :)

malapit na tayo....weeee! hehehe

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