Saturday 14 November 2009

My Jimmy Choo for H&M Haul

Barbs and I went to the H&M store at Oxford Street around 10AM. There was of course a queue at the doors but it wasn't too bad. We breezed through in just 10 minutes. Inside we were told that could we shop freely at the womenswear area but had to queue again inside to get into the shoes area.

Queue again? No worries. We were only there for the shoes after all. It's Jimmy Choo. Duh! On our way to the shoe area queue I grabbed for myself a sequined racer-back sleeveless top, slim fit trousers and some cool accessories. Barbs got her hands on an exquisite sequined dress and some accessories as well. 

One hour passed. It was 11:00 AM. The queue still wasn’t moving. Barbs and I were already hungry as we didn’t have a decent breakfast that morning, just one banana for me and a bunch of grapes for Barbs, in our excitement and haste to get to H&M. Yes the appalling weather did not deter us in our quest for a taste of Choo heaven.

Fortunately one H&M staff, perhaps noticing that we were all getting pale from hunger, passed around a bowl of candies. Very thoughtful. It helped a bit.

Another hour passed, 12:00 noon. I was still rooted on the same spot.

An H&M staff then made an announcement to assure us that the queue would eventually move after the lucky 160 bracelet holders finished their shoe shopping.

At about 5 minutes to 1:00 PM we were ushered downstairs (where the shoe area was) and were told to queue again to enter the cordoned off shoe area as the H&M staff still had to replenish the stocks. While in queue we were briefed with the rules of the game...

35 people would be allowed inside the shoe area at a time and would be given just 10 minutes to shop.

Just 10 minutes? Surprisingly, no one reacted violently. No grumbles. It’s either all of us had no energy left to complain after waiting for 3 hours, or our eyes were just busy darting to the gorgeous stilettos on display and our minds running complex decision algorithms regarding which pairs to buy.

Finally the go-signal to go in was given and we (Barbs and I were among the first 35 in the queue) immediately rushed towards the Choo heaven. I could feel my adrenaline kick in as I made a beeline to the stiletto I had already been eyeing while in queue, asked for my size right away, shoved the box right into my shopping bag and then headed to scrutinize the other stilettos.

It was a crazy experience. With an H&M staff standing on a chair shouting almost every minute how many minutes we’ve got left, I felt like I was on Amazing Race.

My Jimmy Choo for H&M haul

Queuing to get their hands on affordable Jimmy Choo stilettos

Queue to get downstairs where the Jimmy Choo for H&M shoe collection was

Jimmy Choo fashion enthusiasts sitting on the floor while in queue

the Choo heaven: Jimmy Choo for H&M shoe collection area


aneshka said...

grabe! asa naman imong napalit? where's the picture??? Pahulam nya hehehe. naa pud diri sa nyc.

aneshka said...

ah naa diay pix wa man gud ning load first time! hehe how much pud siya sis?

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