Monday 29 December 2008

Our Wedsite

It has been a fruitful vacation in terms of wedding preparations. We were able to book our major suppliers (reception venue, videographer and of course, the church) with the help of our angel of a wedding planner Cielo Villegas of Blushing Bride. We love her! She's very efficient and very responsive to our texts and emails. We truly feel we're in good hands.

Another progress we made was to ask permissions from those we wish to have as Principal Sponsors. Ma'am Ana Cavite, Manang Remy (Harley's second mom) and my beloved Uncle Dodo already said yes (yey!). Claire's mother, Tita Ovinia, just laughed. Don't know kung yes ba yun or no. Yes siguro kasi she gave me two packets of peanuts from Negros eh...

Since it's officially less than a year before our wedding date, let me present you our wedding website... ta da! Click here. Please bear with me, it's still a work in progress.

It's so hard going back to my empty apartment in UK.  I hope time will turn faster because I'm really excited to walk down the aisle, say my vows and pledge the rest of my life to the man I love.


Anonymous said...

Hi georgia,

May I know whats your email ad? I am getting wed this january, its just like 2 weeks away from now and I would like to share to you what I have learned during my 8 months of preparation. Most importantly, i want you to tap the best and most reliable suppliers. I had bad choices and i regret it so much. I was deceived by their portfolios and sweet talks but gosh,they are totally unreliable.

Can I have your email ad?

Will email you.. just want to share and help you out because its not really nice to be a stressed bride.


lgeorgia said...

Hello :)

My email add is

Please do! I am looking forward to your email and thanks for dropping by and offering to warn me of potential stressful suppliers hehe. Sobrang magiging helpful yan san akin.

Don't be stressed na :) Breath in and out. Look at the bright side you're married na to the man you love!

Congratulations to your hubby and best wishes to you :) May you have more blessings in your married life.

Thanks ulit,

lgeorgia said...

Hello again,

Sorry I misread your comment, I thought you got married na. This coming two weeks pa pala.

Anyways I hope you'll settle whatever your problems are with your problem suppliers. I know it's not easy, try not to worry much.

Good luck!