Wednesday 3 December 2008

Blogging in Heathrow

I'm in a Starbucks waiting for boarding. I've been here for nearly 2 hours now - it's a miracle, I'm early! Yeah I admit I am very excited to go home. My eyebags literally feel heavier than usual because I've been having difficulty sleeping these past few days. There's still 45 mins to wait, so I'll just blog. I'm bored :P

Had to mail these packages yesterday - gosh langit ang price ng postage! Oh well as expected here in UK, everything is twice as expensive. Oh yeah ordering online like amazon or whatever's the local online retail shop in a country would have been cheaper but for this Christmas I wanted to send gifts from UK because this is going to be my last Christmas here (sigh.)

My gorgeous friends sent me early Christmas gifts. I already opened Claire's gift because actually there's nothing to open - it wasn't wrapped. Love the gift - pink earrings from someone who hates pink. Here in the pic is from Ria. I'm bringing this home so I have something to open this Christmas because I haven't received my gift yet from my Kriss Kringle mommy! Mommy where are you???

A cab took me from my apartment to Heathrow, courtesy of my beloved company. It's a Mercedez Viano - sounds sosyal diba? :P

The cabbie was a lady.

In Starbucks because I needed my coffee fix. I can't start my day right without coffee.

Liquids - was surprised to realize I had this many inside my kikay kit - kaya pala always mabigat bag ko.

Last minute shopping for pasalubong - keychains.

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