Thursday 3 April 2008

Lady Godiva

Received a package from my BFF today. Sino sya? she's the most beautiful, sexy even if she just gave birth, sweet, kind, generous girl on the planet! Next to me, of course :p

The minute I got home, I immediately ripped the box open. And I wasn't at all disappointed what's inside. Each item I pulled out made my grin bigger and bigger. So this is how it feels to receive a balikbayan box.

  • 2 blouses - 1 is made in US, the other 1 is made in China
  • a skirt -with black tights & my killer boots, I'll look fierce with it! raarrrr...
  • a dress - can't wait to show this off in the office :p)
  • a pack of Bongbong's Piaya - absolutely my favorite
  • a pack of dried mangoes - now I'm missing Cebu, sniff sniff
  • a birthday card - she just recycled a leftover invitation card from Caleb's christening to say that all these cover all coming occasions - my birthday, labor day, independence day, halloween, christmas... indeed, so sweet :|
  • a pack of mints - the giveaway from Caleb's christening
  • 2 big bottles of Aveeno lotion - the culprit why the darn box was soooo heavy that I almost threw it to the river Thames while carrying on my way home. Yey! May Aveenos na ako.. wala kasi here sa UK, kainis. Naks, imported ang lotion ko :p
  • 1 box of Godiva chocolates - I'm excited, controlling myself actually not to gobble it all. This is my first Godiva ever! Yeah, poor me.

See, Claire has outdone herself, again. Never expected she'll be galante two strikes in a row now (I'm remembering her lovely present for me last Christmas). US talaga is making her less and less kuripot. Keep it up, Claire! Thank you, thank you! By the way, Ria's birthday is in May.


Ria May said...

wow dried mangoes!!!

bitaw Claire sa May na akong birthday... dili man ko hilig ug chocolate so pwede na sa ako ang dried mangoes! bwehehehe...

aneshka said...

hurut na ang dried mangoes hehehe... May unsa to imong birthday Ri? Basin makakuut ko ug lubot nyehehehe