Sunday 16 March 2008

Australia, anyone?

I attended the 2nd day of Australia Needs Skills Expo this morning. The Expo featured Australian employers, each of them had a booth set up, looking for highly skilled workers to fill their shortages. You just have to visit those booths, submit your CVs to the employers that you like and wait for them to call you in weeks or months to come. Cross your fingers that they will shortlist you for a position. Because if an employer fancies you, they will sponsor your migration to Australia.

I noticed a lot of Pinoys there but most of them are nurses and caregivers. I was delighted when I heard the unmistakable two Bisaya talking in one corner that I couldn't help but say hi and introduce myself. In no time we were tossing around jokes in Bisaya. I savored hearing phrases like 'ah mao ba?', 'tarung ba' or 'wala ka kuyapi?'... Oh what a blast!

One Bisdak is named Mercy, a nurse who came from Bohol. She wants to migrate to Australia kasi sawa na daw sya sa London and she wants a higher salary because she's up to neck in loans. She said she bought too many beaches in Panglao than she could handle... ang taray!

The other Bisaya is named Jojo is a caregiver student in South England. On evenings and weekends he has rackets so he can send money home. One of his racket is walking the dog of an English woman in which he is paid 8 pounds per hour. Another racket is taking care of an elderly on evenings. All he has to do is assist an old lady to the toilet if nature calls in the middle of the night or accompany the old lady to Tesco (a 24 hour supermarket) if trip nya mag midnight shopping. With that he's paid 80 pounds per night - that's 6400 already in our currency!. He says dapat magaling ka lang daw dumiskarte and di daw dapat maarte maglinis ng popoo ng mga oldies. Hmmm I'll just go for walking the dog...

I am sharing what I learned from the expo... some tips that will increase your probability bagging an Australia migration sponsorhip. I'm afraid that these only apply for IT professionals. I didn't inquire about for nurses or other fields. Sorry.

  1. Get an assessment from the Australian Computer Society (ACS). For those with Bachelors degree NOT related to IT, like moi, they told me in the expo that this assessment is a must!
  2. Take the IELTS exam and aim to get AT LEAST 7.0 points (both listening and written).

Once you have those two submit an application to an Australia employer right away. How? Browse the internet! I tell you I heard many success stories in the Expo, so don't underestimate the power of the World Wide Web people! Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga! Or register to an Australian Needs Skills Expo so you can personally scout prospective employers. Just visit their site from time to time for schedules they might have in your country.


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