Wednesday 1 August 2007

Drama Queen

I just received this text from Mama:

"Helo Day dawat nimu ako txt ghapn.. gkapoy na man ko Day knus-a pa kaha ko mamatay..."


"Hello hija (sosyal version ng inday). Did you receive my text yesterday? I'm tired. When will I die?"

Heller nag-"hello" pa sya, tsk!

Oh I'm not alarmed. I've been receiving texts with such theme since she started her menopausal stage. She even told me that sometimes she would wake up crying or suddenly lapse into depression for no reason at all. Or sometimes she'd just get angry at Papa because of something he failed to do or she would simply remember that he's a womanizer (heller matagal na nya alam babaero Papa ko noh, 20 years ago pa). Papa ko rin since he retired has become irritable and matampuhin. So ayaw din magpatalo and they get into bickering. Nag-e-LQ pa rin sila, which is with their age hindi na yan sya cute! Hayyyyyy buhay.

Though I know it's just another menopausal blues, I'm still worried. Since I'm far away, I can't talk to her and reassure her. Sira din kasi phone ko, I can't call her. Grrr! I already spammed her, Papa and even my sister text messages but no one has replied, nada, tsk.

I hope when I start my menopausal stage I won't be a drama queen too. But I guess there's no escaping the depression due to the hormonal imbalance. It's unfair why we, women, have to endure so much. Men's greatest scare in life is just circumcision, and most didn't even feel it because they were circumcised when they were still babies. Unfair!!! Next lifetime, I wanna be a man.

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aneshka said...

mas ok man gihapon girl, mas lami man ikaw ang i spoil hehe..

akong mama.. SUPER bitchy daw ingon akong manghud ug tia. Usahay di na daw matake. ako ma buutan ko inig menopose (a letse di ko kamao sa spelling). :|