Monday 22 January 2007

2007 First Entry

Tadaaa!! Welcome back to blogging :) The truth why it took me this long to blog again is because I forgot my password shocks akala ko I will never access my blog again... But well I got lucky this time when I tried it. Weee!!! Now before I welcome 2007 (the year of the fire pig.. ewww I hate pigs), though so many exciting things happened, especially involving ala-roller coaster emotional rides, let me enumerate a few of my 2006 highlights.


1. Ang pinakahighlight ng lahat kaya number 1 sya, I finally found someone who knocks me off my feet - my future-husband (dati kasi future-bf lang sya, now tumaas na level nya, naku baka pinagpawisan na pwet nun hahaha), ang pinakagwapo kong bf (as in! hayyy) na si Harley :D Ang saya saya talaga :) Uyyy malapit na kami mag 3 months.. Huwaw! :

2. Transferred to another company again - all in the name of career improvement pero ingon si Claire pula lang dyud ko og lubot.

3. Joined Lingkod ng Panginoon (Makati branch) and through this I got involved with community-service activities like tutoring Math to kids at Baseco. It really feels good to help and share your God-given gifts and skills.

4. Trips: Boracay - sa wakas natupad na rin ang dream kong maglakad na naka2-piece na walang paki sa ibang tao. Sagada - nature trip to the max, don't be deterred by the 12 hours bus trip, it's worth it. Baguio - with my colleagues at work to attend a friend's father's wake pero nag side-trip kami.

5. Nagpakulot ako and I love it! It's really low maintenance because it's literally "wash and wear". So, I'll keep it like this for another year or two :)

6. I completed the Simbang Gabi - secret na lang kung ano wish ko *wink*

My hopes/dreams for 2007:

1. Out of the country trip - may it be leisure or work-related, basta out of the country.

2. Be able to find a place on my own. I just wanna try to be independent, have all the responsibilities re. bills, keeping the place clean or at least livable.

3. Work in Dubai.. gusto ko mag Dubai! Hehehehe

4. Be financially stable. Ayoko na maging poor! :( Paano ba to? ha? ha?

New Year's Resolutions:

1. Quit being tamad. Shocks, the very reason why I'm blogging now is because tinatamad ako. Naku I have failed this resolution na :

2. Complain or whine less.

3. Be less critical, look for the good side in everyone. If I don't have something good to say about someone, I'll just zip my mouth. Uhhh okay, good luck :

4. Eat less sweets kasi it's not good for the body eh, hehe. Basta, be physically fit...

5. Ayoko na, hindi na ako magpapaloko sa mga SALE na yan! Nakakasira talaga sya ng budget e. From now on, I should avoid it like the plague. Good luck again :

It's another year and I am excited what this year will bring. I am positive this year will be more adventure-filled, more exciting :) So let's pop that bottle of champagne and welcome 2007...

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