Wednesday 27 May 2015

Choco Lollies for Party Giveaways

Chocolate lollies are excellent idea for giveaways. Not only that it is sure to sell with kids and adult chocolate lovers, you can easily have them in cute and fun designs that complement the party theme. Chocolate lollies may be used to accentuate any party table.

Two years ago I ordered chocolate bear lollies from Dean & Deluca Kuwait as giveaways for Royce's first birthday. The guests loved them.

I recycled the idea of chocolate lollies giveaways for my sister-in-law's baby shower (who is having twin girls by the way, exciting isn't it?!). This time though I was able to contact a supplier who had better designs and way cheaper than Dean & Deluca.

I got the chocolate lollies from Amy's Sweet Bites.

The chocolate-maker/owner is a full time mom who started it as a hobby; It is her passion. The baby milk bottles, onesies and teddy bears chocolate lollies she made for the baby shower were too adorable and cute to eat.

Teddy Bears Chocolate Lollies
Teddy Bear chocolate lollies by Amy's Sweet Bites

Baby Shower Chocolate Lollies
Baby milk bottles and Onesies chocolate lollies by Amy's Sweet Bites


benilhalk said...

These are looking so pretty. It would be a perfect party giveaway on my niece’s birthday. You know we will reserve the best New York city party venue for the celebration party.

Miles Riley said...

I enjoyed readding this