Monday 10 March 2014

Why You Should Join TrulyRichClub Too!

I remember when I was still young my mother used to say, ‘Day, take up Accountancy in College so you can work in a bank as a teller. You will earn a good monthly salary plus you will look nice.

My mother meant well. She wanted what she thought was best for me.

After college graduation (I did not take up Accountancy by the way. It is a long story why I did not.) I landed a good job in I.T. I can still remember my delight when I signed my offer letter. Gosh I would be earning a monthly pay of 10,000 pesos. 12 years ago that was huge!

But no one told me about the tax, other deductions and monthly bills I had to face with. I was also too weak to embrace the lifestyle upgrades that went along as the salary increased; Starbucks, regular movies and dining outs with friends, spa and salon sessions, and mall sales to name a few. I was lured to spend, spend and spend my money up to the point of using the shiny evil (yes, evil!) credit card when I ran out of cash.

Oh it was fun. Shopping was definitely fun. I was never afraid to spend. But reality bit me in the ass after I got married...

I moved to Kuwait to be with my husband. Sadly it took me a long time to find a job. I was jobless for 5 months. As soon as the monthly pay check stopped coming I realized I could not afford to be out of job. I had bills to pay for my back in the Philippines. My husband gladly offered to help me out but my pride would simply not allow it. I only caved in when my savings ran out.

It was then that I decided never ever to go through that again. If there will come a time I have to quit my job or I get laid off, I should have another source of income that will yield enough for my monthly expenses - an income replacement so to speak.

So I joined Bo Sanchez’s TrulyRichClub to grow our knowledge in handling our finances and to learn the multiple ways of earning passive income. Now I am investing regularly in the Philippine stock market.

I highly recommend that you also join Bo Sanchez’s TrulyRichClub. It has helped me tremendously. The wealth of information that I learned from the newsletters and talks is priceless. It has given me hope that I do not have to be stuck in our 8 to 5 day jobs forever.

Travel. Retire Young.

Actually it is possible that we can retire comfortably sooner than expected, to retire young. Imagine travelling to places you want to explore. Gosh I have that picture in my mind; To travel and travel while I am still physically able. Learn to grow in your finances too. Join the TrulyRichClub now.

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