Tuesday 18 January 2011

1,000 KD to every Kuwaiti

My Kuwaiti colleagues were ecstatic when they learned that His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has issued instructions granting every Kuwaiti citizen KD 1,000 as well as free food rations for 14 months as of next month.

The grants, he noted, marked the occasion of the 50th independence anniversary, 20th liberation anniversary and 5th anniversary of Sheikh Sabah’s assumption of office, due next month. (from Arab Times).

Every Kuwaiti includes babies born before next month.

How big is 1,000 KD, you ask? Well it is $3,599 or roughly 158k pesos. So if you are an average family of four (2 children and parents). You will receive a whooping $14,000 or 630k pesos. Whew!

This lavish gesture is out of the generosity of HH the Amir and his fervent desire to minimize the suffering of Kuwaiti people.

Hmmm suffering? The ordinariness of seeing Porsches, Lexus, Hummers and Jaguars speeding along the Gulf Road everyday makes me ask out loud - What suffering?!?

Well truth of the matter is, this country is insanely rich!

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