Tuesday 2 June 2009

Finally, Stonehenge!

When Barbs told me that she wanted to go to Stonehenge, I volunteered to tag along. I had long wanted to go there, really curious of those big stones after watching a BBC adaptation of Tess of the d'Urbervilles (it's the book that Sharon's character received from a British oldie in the movie Caregiver - erm gets? hehe).

We booked a coach tour that not only took us to Stonehenge but Salisbury and Bath as well. It's an exhausting ride from London to Stonehenge and such a shame to just go there and see a bunch of bato (oh okay they're huge, but still bato :-|), we reckoned it's better to do some side trips. Here's the link of Stonehenge++ tours coach tour offered by Evan Evans Tours. I guess the tour we got was worth it, in just 10 hours we were able to visit 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites (Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge).

Honestly, I think Stonehenge amazing. They say it was erected as a ritual site of druids. The first set of stones were laid down around 2400-2200 BC, an era when there were no machines yet capable of transferring large structures from one place to another. There were no steel so they had to carve those stones by sheer brute force using other hard stones. How those stones got there is still a mystery. Some claim they were built by aliens and that site is really intended for extraterresterial landings. Or maybe the druids just outsourced the job to the Egyptians? Hmmm interesting.

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Secured Loans said...

We absolutely love Stonehenge and highly recommended the Evan Evans Tour!

Owen C said...

Hello mate great bloog