Thursday 7 May 2009

Outerspace Wedding, anyone?

A beautiful friend of mine forwarded this unusual wedding that took place in Cebu. The bride and groom had to scale a wall to exchange their vows on top. Talk about making sure they get their guests’ attentions. Well not only that, they got the delightful bonus of the media's notice as well.

This idea is remarkably unique. Okay most probably they were not the first to have done this – as there are millions of wall climbing enthusiasts out there – but this is the first time I have heard of such in Cebu. Surely their non traditional wedding will never be forgotten by their guests.

Fancy having an unusual wedding? Well consider this, the most awesome wedding experience now available to mankind - an outerspace wedding all aboard the Virgin Galactic.

Now that is literally an out of this world wedding.

But how much would it cost? A space ticket is $200,000 per person. Times two that (unless you are just getting married to yourself), plus the officiant’s charge (maybe if Sir Richard Branson will perform it, it’s free. Or if you insist to bring your own priest, you’ve got to pay for his tickets too) and some additional fees to make sure the floral arrangements and the cake are securely tethered, well, the cost to aptly describe it, would be astronomical.

According to this article, Virgin Galactic has bookings involving a wedding this year, and another one, which is a honeymoon. How they will manage to do it - you know whatever couples normally do during honeymoon - floating around is beyond me.

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carlamaldita said...

interesting naman honeymoon sa outer space!