Thursday 20 November 2008

Food! Glorious Food!

In just two weeks (14 days to be exact - yes I'm counting) I will be flying to the country, with all its blood pressure raising traffic and not for the faint hearted baha (flooding), I will always call my home. I am excited to see my parents, my getting prettier sister (syempre mana sa akin :p), my handsome fiancĂ© and my gorgeous friends. But aside from that I am passionately looking forward to eat the onli-in-da-pilipins foods that I terribly miss! So to make sure I won't miss eating anything I've been longing for these past 7 months, I am making a checklist... 

List of foods that I MUST eat this December:

1. CNT Lechon from the Queen City of the South. It's been a year since I last ate a tasteful morsel of this lechon - a lechon that doesn't need Mang Tomas – dat’s onli in Sugbu bai!
2. Dampa Dampa Dampa (at Seaside Macapagal) - my mouth is watering just the thought of those succulent prawns cooked in a chili garlicky way. Drool...
3. Kopi Roti kopi bun, french toast and coffee. I am such a good friend so I will dedicate my first bite of kopi bun to Ria and Claire hihihihi. Good thing there's already a Kopi Roti outlet in Cebu so I can go there as much as I want to.
4. UCC Sumiyaki Coffee jelly and Mango Crepe that comes not with ordinary cream but Haagen Daz ice cream.
5. Italianni’s Sicilian Chicken salad and Seafood Risotto. I really miss their focaccia bread. 
6. Razon's halo halo, lumpia, dinuguan at puto, boneless bangus and pancit luglog. 
7. Tapa King sweet and spicy Tapa Queen
8. Chowking!!!! Anything from chowking! But I may just choose the Lumpia Shanghai Lauriat and spicy beef wanton noodles.
9. Jollibee burger steak, chicken joy and any breakfast meal.
10. Humba ni Mama - basta Humba (pork paksiw?) cooked in Cebuano way, which means immersed in lots of Minola cooking oil
11. AA's pork belly, tuna belly and pork barbecue!
12. Yoshinoya beef gyudon overloaded with red ginger
13. Ineng's pork barbecue at Salcedo market
15. Thirsty's fruit salad and any shake
16. Auntie Anne's pretzels. Shocks these pretzels bring back memories of the Makati days - when me and my friends were still poor :-|
17. Starbucks coffee jelly. Though I don’t think it’s possible for me to complete all the stamps and get the planner in just 3 weeks.
18. Breadtalk floss and any cake
19. Any Fuzion Smoothie. Fuzion also evokes lots of happy memories – it was one of our favourite hang out place. I miss the VPALs!
20. Sizzling pork sisig sa Enterprise cafeteria

Literally my stomach is growling while drafting the above list. It's not yet final, most likely I can think of something to add. Grrr too bad I only have one mouth. I wonder if I can really, if it's humanly possible not to miss anything during my 3 weeks vacation. I will be visiting Manila only for 4 days, most of my vacation will be spent in Cebu, so I need to have a plan to cover all the Manila-based foods. Hmmm kelangan ng matinding planning to! Hayy good luck sa bilbil! I really miss the good 'ol days when I could just eat and eat, gobble everything I want without gaining a single pound. Sigh.

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