Monday, 1 September 2008

Weekend in Wales (Saturday: Llandudno)

Jukey dragged Michy and I to Wales. Though it is another country, it is still a part of the United Kingdom so we did not have to apply for another visa. We stayed at Llandudno – the largest seaside resort in Conwy, Wales. It is quite a picture of tranquillity. We noticed right away that there were many oldies just lounging away at the Llandudno promenade or having tea with their friends at the high street. It is favourite place for retirement perhaps.

It also provides attractions for the families and young at heart. There’s a carnival for the kids at the Llandudno pier every summer. Tourist can also visit the Great Orme via the cable operated tramway (built since 1902) or the cabin lif. We tried both! The Great Orme has an artificial ski slope, which has the longest toboggan runs in the UK.

It was a very tight budget trip. I for one limited myself to only spend £100 as I just vacationed to Oxford the weekend before. We booked for the cheapest train, which had us squat and literally sleep at one station (Birmingham New Street) while waiting for the next train to arrive from 2AM to 5AM! Instead of staying in a hotel or B&B in Llandudno, we opted for a hostel instead, where we had to share the room & toilet with 3 other guests. But I still missed my £100 target though...

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