Sunday 4 November 2007

My 1st jologs moment in London

Yesterday I boarded the train to Waterloo on my way to meet my friends for the Original Tour sightseeing in London (refer to this link if you want to see my pictures of that said tour). I took the seat across a Pakistani-looking guy and immediately I took a book from my bag since I expected a long ride - around 40 mins. It must have been 15 minutes after when I noticed the guy leave. I continued reading and was engrossed with it for several minutes when suddenly something caught my eye... there was a black bag under the seat he vacated. So I walked over to the ticket inspector and told him about the bag. I watched him opened the bag with my heart pounding because I was remembering news about bombing or terrorist attacks in London that happened before. Another passenger who also got alarmed also watched. Well there was nothing of importance inside the bag. It just contained what seemed like plastic bags. After the ticket inspector examined the contents, he announced that it's safe, that there's nothing to be worried of. Just then the Pakistani-looking guy appeared coming from the rear of the train. He informed us that he just went to the toilet. Hearing that, the truth that I caused a commotion out of nothing sank in. I hastily apologized to him. He looked at me and suddenly laughed, saying "You thought it was a bomb!?!". The other passenger had the gall to join laughing, which made me want to scowl at him because of course he had also thought it was a bomb - traitor! I was so embarrassed, and I couldn't admit to the Pakistani-looking guy that it was exactly what I was thinking because he looked like a terrorist. So I just grinned sheepishly and threw off an excuse mumbling, "No, I thought you already got off the train, and I was worried that you forgot your bag..." But the guy didn't buy it, he continued laughing and he said "don't lie, you really thought it was a bomb". Oo na, oo na! Buti na lang, the ticket inspector jumped to my rescue telling him that I did the right thing, that it's better to be safe than be sorry. Thankfully the Pakistani-looking guy, as well as that other chismosong passenger, nodded in agreement. He sat again on the seat right across me and I swear he kept on smiling at me until we reached Waterloo.


Unknown said...

hey its better to be safe you know.. i also agree with the inspector.. but i guess you gain an admirer there.. lol..

how do they say welcome there?? "Welcome to London"?? wala'y bloody london ???

Petite said...

The good thing is it was not a bomb and the guy did not take it as an insult. (think cguro ato niya - She noticed me!)

aneshka said...

Racial Discrimination.. kinhanlan ka i burn at the stake. hehehe

lgeorgia said...

hi glo, lagi safe lang man ko and paranoid gamay :P welcome lang man... walaĆ½ bloody hehe

joyce and claire,terrorista jud sya og nawong oi!

Darrix said...

Yuck Jologs!!! hahahahahaha, Racist kaayo ;) heheheh

rah said...

mag-ayos ayos sila kung ayaw nilang maging bloody hell ang kinalalagyan nila in place of a good train ride. :p

deveykus said...

Hey George,

It's Neth. I'm glad that you finally made it to the UK. It's also funny to read this first jologs moment haha. Enjoy your stay and keep in touch.

lgeorgia said...

hi neth!

uu i'm finally here :) bihira lang ako ym di ko kayo naabutan e. drop me an email sa gmail ko and chika tayo :)

to har este rah pala,
gwapo mo :)

to darrix,
lagi giatotz na lang jud, wala jud maabti bulan nga nagpakaulaw ko diri :P